A beautiful day to celebrate our love


          On Monday December 15th 2014, Alan and I were legally married. As you all know, we have wanted nothing more, for a very long time, than to be married and to start our lives together and while we have yet to  be married in the eyes of God and in the presence of both of our families, this is the story of the day that we stopped having to say goodbye. Where every moment before this day had been colored with the sadness of knowing its impermanence, with 4 small words we would never again have to count the days we were together only to count the days we were apart.


          We arranged to meet with a photographer at the Boston Public Library to take our official engagement photos in the few hours we had left to still be engaged. The library was the perfect setting to commemorate the day, full of charm and beauty reminiscent of the city's historic roots. Click here to view the resulting engagement photos.

My mother and father met us for the tail end of our photo shoot, surprising me with a beautiful bouquet. It was in this moment that I first felt like a bride. This was the moment when I realized that in half an hour’s time, I would be legally married to the man of my dreams.


          We made our way quickly to City Hall and I can honestly say that the famously ugly building had never looked better. We had an appointment with a Justice of the Peace in the office of the City Clerk and when we stepped into his office we were all astonished to discover not some cold and heartless shell, but a beautifully warm and tastefully decorated room, sure to make the perfect setting for our moment. The ceremony was lovely. Alan and I stood facing each other and vowed to stand by each other, to love one another, and to be faithful and steadfast partners for the rest of our lives. We exchanged rings and were pronounced husband and wife, sealing our promise with a kiss.


          Our next stop was to meet two very dear friends and to celebrate with laughter, champagne, and the most incredible food in the whole city of Boston. Marliave is not only Alan and my favorite restaurant, but is the place where we first said three very important words; "I love you". Having eaten more than any of us should, though not in the least bit upset about it, we moved the party to one of the city's best hidden gems: The Boston Custom House Tower. High above the city, we enjoyed our own private skywalk at the top of one of the world's first skyscrapers. The view was stunning and for a moment, we felt like royalty.


          At this point, we said goodbye to dear friends and beloved family and embarked on our first adventure as husband and wife. In this spectacular city which we both love so much, we had planned our own perfect evening. We checked into our room on the Club Level of our hotel and were greeted by yet another incredible view of the city, champagne, chocolate strawberries, and a hand written note form the hotel staff for Mr. and Mrs. Joyce. For dinner, we made our way up to the top of the Prudential Center for a once in a lifetime meal. From start to end, we had enjoyed our day to the absolute fullest and could not have asked for anything more.


          With a full heart and much anticipation I await the day that we will share our joy with the world. The day that we will stand in front of all of you, the people we love, and share with you the words that have changed our lives: “We do!”